Fitness, Pilates, Yoga…. it’s all good!

Read about my style of teaching and what you can expect if you come to one of my classes.

As I mentioned in the About Me section, I have had a passion for Pilates and Yoga for as long as I can remember.

Yoga classes saw me threw some stressful times at University and have continued to do so ever since! Yoga is what I turn to when I feel the need for some quiet me time and it never disappoints!

I have also frequented many other classes at gyms and always especially enjoyed Pilates.  For me it was perfect because I could push and challenge myself if I was feeling strong, but I could also enjoy slowing it down and relaxing into the fluid movements if I wasn’t feeling so good.  It was after having my first baby that I really began to fall in love with Pilates.   I loved how it helped me reconnect with my stomach again!  I loved how I could do quick 10 minute sessions in my living room when I felt inclined.   I loved how safe it felt.

So it seemed only natural that my fitness career would take the path towards mat-based exercise.  It was during my Pilates training that my eyes were truly opened to how wonderful this method actually is.

I have also come to realise that there is a wide variety of styles of Pilates out there and even still, a very wide variety of teaching methods within these styles.

I simply want to tell you about MY style 🙂

Coming from a background in Fitness, my Pilates teaching is Fitness based and my primary goal is to improve and build upon clients’ fitness levels.  I often add a Pilates twist to what are considered ‘traditional’ exercises and I tend to incorporate the Pilates Principles into all my classes and sessions, regardless of the name or label that they may have.  Having a strong personal Yoga practice as well, I also love to bring my favourite Yoga elements into my classes at times.  Ultimately I like to feel free to design and create classes and sessions that suit my clients and I often find that combining different methods of teaching is the most appropriate and enjoyable way to do this.


My Flow crew enjoying a moment to breathe 🙂


My main aim is to help you connect with your centre, core muscles – the centre of EVERYTHING!  I also aim to help you develop and deepen you flexibility and mobility, something that we take for granted in our youth but that suddenly becomes trickier as the years go by….   I want to  help make every day tasks easier and help your body to function in the best possible way.   And I also want to help you slow your mind down.   I focus a lot on moving with your breath and slowing movement down. My reason for this is to encourage you all to switch your mind off from the busyness that fills it all the other hours of the day!  We are literally bombarded with information these days and our poor minds never get a chance to stop.  I hope that when you come to one of my classes you give your mind a chance to relax a little.

My Flow & Pilates classes are mat-based and I often will use Therabands/resistance bands to help you go a little deeper into some of the exercises  (I may also use Pilates rings and Pilates balls for individual sessions)

While my classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners,  I feel that I must mention that if you have a specific injury that you are in recovery from, I need to know about this!  It may be more beneficial for you to attend some physiotherapy sessions before attending my classes, or even a Physio-led Pilates class to begin with.   I say this not to put you off my sessions, I would be crazy to do that right?!  I simply want you to have the best possible experience of Pilates and walk out of the room feeling better and stronger than you did when you walked in 🙂

If you have any questions or comments about my classes please go ahead and Contact me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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